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Neutering your pet


Reasons to neuter your pet (castrate or spay)


Unwanted litters


Territorial behaviour

Fighting or aggression

Unwelcome frisky attention

Reduction of the risk of prostate disease, pyometras and mammary gland disease




Your pets metabolism will change, so if they eat the same, then they will put on weight, so sometimes a slight change of diet is required.

and that's pretty much it. A very small proportion of bitches become more aggressive after speying, but this is very small, and may be linked to speying too soon after a season, and the dogs innate behaviour beforehand. It's so infrequent, we don't usually consider it.

Some owners want their pet neutered to try and quieten it down. While neutering can help to a degree, its often not the whole story, and in a lot of cases there is very little if any change.


Sources of funding for assistance with spaying or neutering


The Dog's Trust have a subsidised neutering scheme, for  Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Rottweiler's, Mastiffs, Lurchers, Akita, Huskeys, Malamute, German Shepherds, Samoyeds, Collie, Jack Russell Terrier and American Bull Terrier.  Effectively this means the cost to you, the client, is £30. Call the surgery for more details.



Cat's Protection offer discount vouchers, the amounts aren't always the same - telephone the local branch on 01524 850112, or the national neutering helpline on 03000 121212 for more details, or go to the website

neuter your pet