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Help with the bills


We are a business, sad to say, I wish I could treat all the animals for free, but like any business, we have staff to pay, drug bills to pay, VAT, PAYE - in fact everything that goes with running any other business. Clients expect more and more sophisticated treatments and the latest techniques and standards of care, and with these come inevitably increased expenses. We get no funding from public sources, we provide our own 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year emergency service, and everything that we have to pay for, comes from you, our clients.


However we appreciate that owning a pet can be a potentially expensive undertaking. Vets bills for routine procedures and treatments can take up to 10% of the budget for your annual pet care, and that's before any urgent treatments or emergencies are accounted for. To this end, there a few strategies, and avenues of help that you could be looking at.



Insurance- There are a lot of 3rd parties that provide cover ranging from excellent to good - we strongly recommend you take out some form of cover, but remember the small print.


Neutering your pet is an essential part of responsible pet ownership, and will prevent unwanted puppies and kittens. The Dog's Trust neutering scheme will subsidise the neutering of your pet, provided you are recieving the correct means tested benefits. Similarly Cat's Protection may be able to affer finacial help with neutering.


If the worst happens, and you need us in an emergency, then remember we will always alleviate suffering if you cannot afford the treatment straight away. This can mean anything from pain relief while we consider payment and treatment options through to euthenasia if you cannot afford the options we come up with.


In some cases the PDSA or RSPCA may help with the costs, but this will almost never be the full amount, and in some cases may only cover the initial emergency treatment and alleviation of suffering


The best advice we can give is to anticipate that at some point during the life of your pet, you will have  an expensive episode requiring veterinary intervention.


Don't wait until its too late, sort it out now..