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24 Hour Emergency Service call 01524 720002


We provide a vet that you can call directly on the telephone 24 hours a day 365 days a year. If you have any concerns about your pet then call us. We also pride ourselves in providing our own 24 hour care to our clients - we know that our clients appreciate being able to use their own vets for those urgent caes. We also provide the out of ours care to Lancaster Veterinary Centre and provide the same high standard to these pets as we do to our own.


This is a very expensive service to provide and there are additional costs associated with providing this service, which we have to pass on to you. Also, if you normally go to another practice, then you should go to that practice for advice, and any treatment first. If you are already registered with us then you will get a discount over the normal out of hours charge.

Current charges (subject to change)


Monday to Friday 8-10pm - £100

Monday to Friday 10pm - 8am the next day £130

Saturday afternoons until 5pm £15 above normal consultation fees

Saturday 5pm - 10pm £100

Saturdays 10pm - 8am  £130

Sundays 8am - 10pm  £100

Sundays 10pm - 8am £130


Pre registered clients receive a 20% loyalty discount on consulation prices out of hours

New client registrations £25 (free during normal hours)


We will always ask you to come to the surgery, as this is where we can be most effective in dealing with emergencies, but under exceptional circumstances we will come to the house if your pet is too sick to move, or you are unable to bring your pet, but please note, this is considerably more expensive than attending the surgery. In almost all cases, we can deal with your pet more effectively at the surgery and we can attend to your pet quicker. There are taxi services that will transport pets.


We will try to discuss any costs with you before attending to your pet.


Please note, if you make arrangements to meet us at the surgery, and fail to keep that arrangement, you will be charged the full out of hours fee.

24hr emergency care